Is it expensive?

Our costs are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed. We like to come along and see the job before we give you a formal quote, but we can give a rough estimate over the phone if you can tell us the number of stumps and a rough idea of how wide and how tall they are.

Will there be much mess?

Stump grinding IS a messy operation, but we endeavour to leave the area as tidy as possible after the work is complete. If necessary we can use tarpaulins and other shields to prevent the chippings going where they may cause damage.

When can we do the work?

Urgent work can be accommodated, but we normally expect to be able to get to you within a week or so.

Do I need to be at home?

You don′t have to wait around while we′re doing the work. We will arrange access with you prior to the day, and you can rely on us to complete the job on time, as promoised, with the minimum amount of disturbance to the surrrounding landscape. An invoice can be left on the day or sent by email or post later on.

Will my stump grow back?

Generally any stump that Just Stumps remove is completely ground away and will not regrow.

What about Honey Fungus?

Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellea) is often referred to as the gardeners nightmare. We will endeavour to remove as much wood chip as possible from the site to prevent contamination throughout the garden.

It′s difficult to get to where my stump is...

Our equipment is designed to be versatile. We can gain access to even the smallest back gardens.

The compact nature does not limit its use to domestic situations, as contract work is regularly undertaken for commercial operators including tree surgeons, landscapers, builders, local government, estate managers and utility contractors.

What if my stump is against a wall?

No problem. The versatile machinery used is ideal for inching right upto a wall, patio or other object that you do not want to have damaged in any way. Just Stumps can usually take out all signs of a stump literally to within millimetres of any structure without causing damage.

Do we do other work?

We are often asked by our customers to carry out other work, and often we are able to help. If the work is of a nature that we do not have experience in, we can recommend one of our preferred contractors who we have mutual working arrangements with.